Logging in (Android)

To log in to a website using MIRACL Trust via an Android device:

  1. Any time you click to login to a MIRACL Trust-enabled website you will be presented with a QR code (this may need to be selected if in-browser login is enabled): QR Code
  2. Confirm the identity you are about to use. To use another identity associated with a different email address:
    • Tap Choose another identity.
    • Select the identity you want to use, or, to create a new one, tap Create New Identity, and repeat the process under Registering (Android).

  3. Once you have selected the identity you want to use, tap Agree: Choose Another Identity Agree
  4. Enter the PIN you created for the identity, and you will see a confirmation for a successful login.
    You will be logged in to the web app automatically. Tech City Bank